Lawn Mowing

  • A thorough mow of your entire lawn (striped if possible)

  • String trimming around the perimeter of your lawn as well as other objects within the boundary of your lawn

  • A well-maintained edge along any flower beds or hard surfaces

  • A blow-off of all hard surfaces  

Hedge Trimming

  • Trimming hedges, shrubs, and plants in a uniform shape in accordance with the homeowner's preferences

  • The cleanup and removal of all trimmings

Weeding Control

  • Hand weeding 

  • Flower bed weed pre-emergent/post-emergent applications

  • Lawn weed pre-emergent/post-emergent applications

Bed Define/Re-Define

  • Define new flower beds

  • Re-define existing flower beds

Mulch Installations

  • Delivery of mulch

  • Preparing flower beds (weed/edge)

  • Installing mulch

Turf Care

  • Aeration: Two passes over the whole lawn with an aerator

  • Overseeding: Purchase of high-quality seeds and spreading them to a lawn

  • Fertilization: Starter of normal fertilization for a lawn

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